TCL C645 Smart 4K QLED Google TV with Dolby Vision

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Upgrade Your TV Experience with TCL C645 Smart 4K QLED Google TV at MyRafikis Market, Nairobi, Kenya

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Quantum Dot technology for a broader range of colors
  • HDR10+ for exceptional brightness and shadow detail
  • Dolby Vision for stunning image quality
  • AiPQ Engine 3.0 for stable and high-quality 4K processing
  • Game Accelerator for smoother gaming with 120Hz refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync for tear-free gameplay
  • Gaming in Dolby Vision for enhanced visuals
  • HDMI 2.1 with ALLM for low latency and optimal gaming settings
  • DTS-HD and DTS Virtual:X for immersive audio experience
  • Google TV with voice control and access to apps and smart home devices
  • TÜV Low Blue Ray certified for reduced eye fatigue
  • Metallic Bezel-Less design for a sleek aesthetic

An image showcasing vibrant colors and a wide color spectrum, resembling a mesmerizing kaleidoscope.Outstanding Image Quality - Quantum Dot Over a Billion Hues

Experience a captivating visual journey with our TCL C645 Smart 4K QLED Google TV with Dolby Vision. This TV boasts a wide color spectrum, displaying over a billion hues, which covers up to 93% of the DCI-P3 standard. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing world of colors, as if you're peering into a kaleidoscope.

An image demonstrating the striking brightness, exceptional shadow detail, and vivid colors of HDR technology, bringing UHD content to its full potential.HDRIO+ - See Every Detail Come to Life

Enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. Our TV brings you striking brightness, exceptional shadow detail, and vivid colors, showcasing UHD content in all its glory. Sit back and indulge in the intricate picture details that filmmakers intended you to see.

An image illustrating a theater-like experience with curtains rising and actors on stage, representing the immersive nature of Dolby Vision.Dolby Vision - Immerse Yourself in Cinematic Brilliance

Step into a theater-like experience with Dolby Vision. Our TV transports you to the stage, making you feel as though you're part of the action. Enjoy breathtaking visuals and vibrant colors right in the comfort of your own home.

An image representing the AiPQ Engine 3.0 processing content and delivering high-quality 4K visuals, showcasing the advanced technology at work.AiPQ ENGINE—3.0 - A Beautiful Mind Behind the Scenes

Powered by the AiPQ Engine 3.0, our TCL C645 Smart TV processes content with stability and delivers high-quality 4K visuals. Additionally, the Game Accelerator technology ensures smoother gaming experiences with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

An image comparing a scene as perceived by the human eye and as enhanced by Ai-Color, highlighting the vibrant and lifelike colors.Ai-COLOR - Lifelike Colors, Just Like the Human Eye

Our Ai-Color technology perceives images as the human eye does, tuning color volume, saturation, and contrast to recreate lifelike images. Experience vibrant hues in front of you with an artistic touch.

An image showcasing a side-by-side comparison of a low-resolution image and its enhanced version through Ai-Clarity, emphasizing the superior clarity and detail.Ai-CLARITY+++ - Crystal-Clear Visuals in Every Detail

Experience the ultimate clarity with Ai-Clarity. This feature analyzes images based on their original resolution, providing superior results in low-resolution upscaling, accurate noise reduction, and aliasing removal.

An image displaying a fast-moving object, such as a race car or a player in a sports game, with motion blur and without motion blur, highlighting the difference Ai-Motion makes in providing smooth visuals.Ai-MOTION - Silky-Smooth Action for Gaming and Beyond

Detecting fast-moving objects with precision, Ai-Motion calculates motion based on refresh rate and frame number. Say goodbye to blurring and tearing as our TV restores silky-smooth images.

An image showing a scene with various visual scenarios, such as darkness, brightness, and intricate details, illustrating how Ai-Contrast dynamically optimizes the contrast ratio for an enhanced viewing experience.Ai-Contrast - Unveiling Reality Through Optimal Contrast

Ai-Contrast optimizes the contrast ratio dynamically, revealing the extreme situations in an image. Whether it's darkness, brightness, or intricate details, our TV reproduces reality with stunning clarity.

An image presenting a range of HDR content formats and their corresponding visuals, showcasing the intelligent decoding capabilities of Ai-HDR.Ai-HDR - Intelligent Decoding for True-to-Life HDR

With Ai-HDR, your TCL TV decodes multiple HDR formats intelligently. Experience natural colors, brightness, and darkness just as the content developers intended.

An image capturing a fast-paced action scene, such as a sports event or a thrilling movie moment, demonstrating the smoothness and clarity achieved through MEMC technology.MEMC - Never Miss a Detail in Fast-Moving Action

Our MEMC algorithm reduces motion display blur, eliminates image tearing, and guarantees a silky-smooth viewing experience, so you never miss a moment of the action.

An image featuring a collage of popular TV shows and movies from different genres, representing the diverse entertainment options available through Google TV.Google TV - Your Gateway to Endless Entertainment

Discover an extensive collection of movies and shows from various subscriptions and content sources. Google TV's personalized suggestions make it effortless to find your next favorite title based on your interests and viewing history.

An image showing a TV screen with the Google Assistant interface, displaying information like weather updates, sports scores, and smart home controls, emphasizing the convenience and functionality of Google Assistant.Google Assistant - Your TV, Your Smart Assistant

Make the most of your TV with Google Assistant. Get instant answers to your questions about the weather, sports scores, and more, all displayed right on your screen. Take control of compatible smart home devices using voice commands.

An image showing a TV screen with the Google Assistant interface, displaying information like weather updates, sports scores, and smart home controls, emphasizing the convenience and functionality of Google Assistant.Google Meet - Connect with the World

Stay connected with your loved ones through Google Meet. Make one-on-one or group video calls, send notes, voice memos, and much more, all from the comfort of your couch.

An image showcasing children engaging with educational and age-appropriate content on the TV, highlighting the safe and enjoyable experience provided by the Kid's Profile feature.Kid's Profile - A Safe Digital Playground

We care about your children's safety. Activate the Kid's Profile to unlock a collection of fun and kid-friendly content, providing a worry-free digital playground for your little ones.

An image depicting a person using a smartphone to control various smart home devices connected to the TCL TV, emphasizing the convenience and integration of the TCL Home feature.TCL Home - Control Your Smart Home Devices

Take control of your TCL devices in a smart way using your smartphone. Our WiFi-enabled appliances provide a new realm of functionality, enhancing your home comfort experience.

An image capturing a gamer immersed in an intense gaming session, showcasing the excitement and immersion provided by the TCL C645 Smart TV.Unleash your Gaming Potential - Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Experience gaming like never before with our TCL C645 Smart TV. Our 120Hz Game Accelerator technology ensures minimal latency, providing you with a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

An image illustrating a game scene with and without AMD FreeSync, demonstrating the elimination of screen tearing and ensuring smooth and enjoyable gameplay.AMD FreeSync - Smooth and Fluid Gameplay

Say goodbye to choppy gameplay and broken frames. AMD FreeSync technology ensures seamless and artifact-free gaming at any frame rate, revolutionizing your PC and console gaming experiences.

An image displaying a game scene with Dolby Vision enabled, showcasing the enhanced visuals, details, and depth provided by this feature.

Enhance Your Gaming with Dolby Vision

Experience every detail and depth of your games with Dolby Vision. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and unleash the full potential of your gaming world.

Elevate Your Gaming with Game Master
Unlock advanced display and audio technologies through TCL Game Master. Enjoy next-level gaming performance and smoother streaming.

Stay in Control with Game Bar
Monitor frame rate and HDR settings with the Game Bar. Make quick adjustments without missing a beat, keeping your gaming experience on point.

Unprecedented Response Accuracy with ALLM
Stay ahead of your enemies with Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Our C645 TV ensures unparalleled response accuracy for a competitive edge.

Enhance Your Targeting Skills with Aiming Aid
From beginners to seasoned gamers, Aiming Aid helps you aim quickly and effortlessly. Activate it from the game bar and level up your gaming skills.

Enhanced Gaming Experience with HDMI 2.1
Enjoy low input lag and quick response times with HDMI 2.1. Our TV delivers excellent picture quality and a responsive gaming experience.

An image representing an immersive audio experience, with soundwaves and speakers, conveying the enveloping nature of DTS-HD and DTS Virtual:X technology.Sound Beyond Expectations - DTS-HD DTS Virtual:X - Immersive 3D Sound

Experience enveloping sound that surrounds you from above, beside, and behind with DTS-HD and DTS Virtual:X. Our TV provides an immersive audio experience in any room.

An image portraying a home theater setup with Dolby Atmos speakers, showcasing the immersive and three-dimensional audio experience offered by Dolby Atmos.Dolby Atmos - Theater-Like Sound Enjoyment

Dolby Atmos transcends conventional channel limitations, delivering three-dimensional audio. Enjoy astounding clarity, heightened emotional impact, and room-filling sound that brings movies and shows to life.

An image depicting a person watching TV without eye strain or discomfort, emphasizing the TÜV Low Blue Ray certification and the eye protection provided by the TCL C645 TV.TCL CARE - Protect Your Eyes with TÜV Low Blue Ray

Your eye health matters to us. Our TCL C645 TV has been certified as a low blue light hardware solution by TUV Rheinland. Enjoy extended movie marathons without experiencing dry eyes or eye fatigue.

An image showing a laptop screen being mirrored onto the TCL TV, highlighting the convenience and expanded workspace provided by Miracast technology.Miracast for PC - Expand Your Workspace

Cast your laptop screen onto the big screen of your TCL TV with up to 4K resolution. Have all your work under control and enjoy the convenience of a larger display.

An image featuring a person exercising in front of the TV, with fitness-related content displayed, representing the AR Fitness feature and promoting fitness training at home.AR Fitness - Your Personal Trainer on the TV

Access hand-picked fitness content on YouTube or other platforms effortlessly. Get motivated and start your fitness journey right from the comfort of your living room.

An image showcasing the TCL C645 TV's sleek and bezel-less design, highlighting its aesthetic appeal and compatibility with any living space.Metallic Bezel-Less - Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The TCL C645 TV features an ultra-slim bezel-less design that seamlessly fits into any space, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home decor.

Visit MyRafikis Market today for the best selection of TCL TVs at unbeatable prices. Transform your viewing experience with our cutting-edge technology and enjoy entertainment like never before.


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